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Facilitating Global Business

Companies face many challenges including those imparted by regulatory bodies in the areas that they do business in.  This is true for small companies, large multinationals, and everything in between. Having a defined approach to compliance protects the company and provides confidence to employees and external stakeholders that your business is operating in an ethical and compliant manner. This can be achieved by

  • Identifying and assessing compliance risks
  • Designing and implementing approach to address the risks
  • Confirming that the executed approach pragmatically mitigates the risks


What We Can Do For You

We work with clients, from start-ups to established companies, to understand their business and compliance needs.  We help develop tailored solutions by way of identifying and assessing compliance risks and designing and implementing appropriate compliance program frameworks to mitigate those risks to the company’s desired level.  We have subject matter expertise in global regulations concerning export controls and economic sanctions which assists customers to develop a thorough understanding of, and how to appropriately mitigate, their compliance risks in these regulatory areas.


Compliance Program Frameworks

Design and implementation of risk-informed compliance frameworks to prevent, detect, and respond to compliance matters ranging from ethical concerns to regulatory breaches. The pragmatic frameworks are designed to support a client’s specific compliance risks and ways of working that enables them to focus on meeting their business goals.


Export Control Regulations

Determination of applicable export regulations, assessment of current compliance program, and devising and implementing customized, practical compliance plans that work in practice. These plans could be as simple as adding steps to existing processes or a full framework covering training, policies, processes, and monitoring/auditing elements.

Economic Sanctions Regulations

Risk identification and mitigation of global economic/trade sanctions regulations including those of the U.S. Department of Treasury (OFAC), United Nations, and the European Commission. The resultant compliance framework will be designed to address current risks and identify and address future risks due to regulatory and business changes.


Urbanek Compliance Consulting LLC

Rebecca (Becky) Urbanek founded Urbanek Compliance Consulting in 2019 to assist clients with their export compliance needs so they can focus on meeting their business goals.

Our philosophy for each engagement is to first understand each client’s unique business and the regulations that apply. This research is used to develop a tailored, pragmatic compliance program framework to both support ongoing activities and be equipped to grow and adjust as the business evolves and the regulations change.  The compliance approach is designed to fit into the company’s day-to-day business with the goal of streamlining processes while ensuring compliance. The customized output of each engagement enables the client to focus on running their business while being confident that their exports or other business activities progress smoothly and compliantly.

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